Call: demonstrate for Israel in Geneva

On Monday 29 June in Geneva, Switzerland, is the unilateral and biased report of the UN inquiry into the Gaza war last summer presented to the UN Human Rights Council report accuses Israel of ‘ war crimes. ‘ and says that Israel itself and the ‘ culprits ‘ examines incidents insufficient insufficient punishes. This opens the door for a case against Israel before the international Strafhof.Om to protest against this unilateral and biased report, organize CIJO and CIDI that day from 12:00 to 15:00 a demonstration for the UN building in Geneva on the report.
The report, which was released yesterday, accusing Israel of war crimes during its actions against Hamas in Gaza. While Israel has done everything right there to avoid civilian casualties among the Gazaanse population, this report suggests the contrary. In addition, the report calls for steps by the International Criminal Court against Israel. This would have far-reaching consequences, also in Netherlands. It is necessary to make your voice heard against the one-sided and biased treatment of Israel by the UN Human Rights Council. Demonstrate!
CIJO and CIDI therefore organize in cooperation with organizations around the world a demonstration in solidarity with Israel. This will take place in Geneva, for the United Nations building where the report will be presented. Anyone who stands up for Israel and human rights is invited to this demonstration. CIJO and CIDI provide free bus transportation. More information
Look for more information and registration on the website of CIJO. Click here. Let your voice be heard at the UN Human Rights Council! For Israel, for human rights.

Israel’s former Ambassador in us does exposing Obama

In an opinion article by Friday 20 June speculates Kulanu Knesset Israeli former Ambassador in the United States, Michael Oren, that the continuing contribution of president Barack Obama to the Muslim world could stem from the fact that he abandoned in his life is by two Muslim father figures and that he therefore acceptance by their fellow believers. In the article in Foreign Policy Magazine presents Ears also that the world on Obama’s approach to Middle East issues back might look like naive and hardly positive. The piece was Obama’s third critical opinion article about ´ Ears that within one week was published in major u.s. media. In the first of this series published the former Ambassador “How Obama left Israel” in the Wall Street Journal, followed by “why Obama sees it wrong that Iran is rational with regard to nuclear weapons” in the Los Angeles Times. The president could not take part in a protest against Muslim radicals whose motivation he sees as a perversion, instead of a radical interpretation of the islamHij also gave a long interview to the Times of Israel this week, in which he expressed again the accusations from his new book, Ally (ally). That criticism comes down to aspects of the links between the us and Israel, because of the president, “in tatters”. The Government of Obama reacted bitterly on Oren’s earlier criticism of the president and called it “absolutely false”. Orens polar opposite, us Ambassador in Israel, then Shapiro, said that “Ears was motivated by the desire to sell books”. But while newcomer Moshe Kahlon, the Party Chief of Knesset, Ears, on Wednesday offered his apologies and his party from the piece in the ‘ Wall Street Journal ‘ distanced, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reportedly, refused a request from the us to do the same. Abandonment trauma
In the Foreign Policy-article from Friday, writes that “the attitude of Obama compared to islam undeniably stems from his personal dealings with Muslims. This was thoroughly described in his candid memoir, Dreams from my father, published 13 years for his election as president. Obama wrote passionate about the Kenyan villages where after many years of residence he felt most at home and elsewhere, about his experiences as a child in Indonesia. I could imagine how a child raised by a Christian mother could see it as a natural bridge between her two Muslim spouses. I could also imagine how leaving that child by these men could bring to him many years later to find acceptance in their fellow believers “. Ears offers a similar statement in his new book, but it is known that he does “with the risk of psychoanalysis from an easy chair” In Ally says Ears that he Dreams from my father in vain afzocht on “some expression of reverence, or respect, for the country that would one day lead the author”, but he finds nothing. Instead, the reading of ears, criticizes the book the Americans for their capitalism and consumer culture, for their plundering of their (live) environment and for maintaining power structures that from the time his “. He writes that Obama accuses the Americans who travel abroad that they “ignorance and arrogance” displayed — the same shortcomings, notes ears dry, which critics of the president to attribute to him. Naive
In the Foreign Policy article continues with saying that “Historians probably on Obama ´ s politics compared to islam will look back with a combination of curiosity and disbelief. While some might appreciate him for his good intentions, others will criticize him as possible that he was naïve and outside a complex and increasingly deadly reality. He understands that Obama was crucial for the understanding of his role as Ambassador, a post he occupied from 2009 to 2013. In Foreign Policy he himself writes that an ‘ Obama 101 course “and” months spent to study the new president and his speeches, interviews, press releases and memoirs ran through and had meetings with many of his friends and supporters “. He says that, during his four years

My Israel, my Judaism

Israel. A mix of emotions and encounters with familiar strangers with common stories. My home. But not my native country, which continues to Netherlands. Now I here for several years living I have found a balance, that is to say … every day Israel feels like coming home. Part of an incredible challenge. At six o’clock in the morning when I turn on the radio and the main prayer, the Shema Yisraeel, hear how to pronounce, upsets me that. It remains a party to on Thursday, anyone who wants to hear all Shabbat shalom to be desired. If I on Saturday morning with my dog walking through the fields, the energy feels different than other days. It is also to be able to do to enjoy anywhere kosher groceries. In the non-Orthodox village where I live is a service every Friday night in the synagogue. A number of old men and I, the only woman. It is the atmosphere that gets me. Israel. My country. The country sometimes makes me angry, but far more often I feel pride. My Judaism
It’s in my pores, of my Crown to in my toes and back again. Religion, tradition, also it is Israel, not to explain feeling, generations on my shoulders that were never returned, child and grandchild of survivors, religious and non-religious, belong to a beautiful people, laughing, crying, sometimes jealous of non-Jewish friends. Their lives always sounds simpler. It’s always confusion and but continue to search for the correct form. Also know very well that that there is not real. Actually, it’s especially proud and not otherwise want. Together. Israel. My Judaism. Inextricably linked. Freedom. Dialogue. Co-existence. Challenge. War and peace.

Dutch research school book about Israel (2/2)

The Dutch study book History Workshop made last week for a current media reports in Israel and Israel in Nederland.In there was a lot of criticism on a number of alleged false claims in the book. This eventually led to a telephone conversation between the Israeli Minister of education Naftali Bennet and the Dutch State Secretary Tom Davis. The Dutch Ambassador in Israel, Caspar veldkamp, told news agency REUTERS that he thinks “that something has gone wrong in the quality control in Publisher Noordhoff.” Last Wednesday, you could on this website part 1 of my analysis of the history book. Here is the second part of it, in which I again a number of false claims from the book will go into this further. Page 108: 7. In 1967 Nasser threatened that they (Egypt) the Jews would drive the sea. But before he could attack, hit Israel. Israel had with u.s. aid armed to the teeth. (page 108) The facts: Israel fell to Egypt after the Egyptian president Nasser the Red Sea at the Straits of Tiran had been shut down for all shipping traffic to Israel and after he the UN observation force in the Sinai had ordered to leave. Hereinafter referred to as the Egyptian army withdrew to the border with Israel. This was in violation of an agreement that was closed after the Sinai campaign in 1956. The closure of the Straits of Tiran was an act of war under international law. (Israel’s Silent Defender, page 303) Furthermore, the Americans began to deliver weapons on a large scale only after 1967 to Israel. France was the main arms supplier for that time. 8. Menachem Begin is the history as peacemaker. That is remarkable, because a large part of his life he became known as terrorist and extremist. (page 138) This passage in the book provided the most fuss in Israel. writer Van Riessen said in an interview with Radio 1 in Netherlands that Beginning a large part of his life has been a terrorist and extremist. Also, he said that the Israeli Government should have from the beginning after the independence the militias disarm. Both claims are incorrect. Under the leadership of Menachem Begin the Irgun committed mainly to december 1947 only attacks on military targets, mainly British. According to each definition are attacks on military targets in armed conflict not terrorism. Only after the series of brutal Arab attacks on Jewish citizens, after the partition decision by the UN, left the Irgun in december 1947 this politics and became at the retaliatory attacks on Arab targets also civilians killed. (see part 1). The British called Start a terrorist because of the large amount of actions against the British army – and in particular by the attack on the British military headquarters which was located in the King David hotel in Jerusalem. in that attack were 91 people dead. The Irgun was indeed responsible for this attack, but in the fact that the British history Annals disappeared three times by the Irgun were warned that the hotel had to be evacuated. It was called to the hotel; to the adjacent French Consulate and to the Palestine Post which was later renamed into The Jerusalem Post. The British believed the warning though, not. A British officer responded to the telephone warning by saying that he took no orders of the Jews. We put the question of whether this action can be classified as an act of terrorism also to professor Avraham Bell, an expert in the field of international law. He wrote us that “the attack was certainly not terrorism, because military communication centers legitimate goals are – even if they are established in a hotel”. Irgun members who now are still alive have expanded responded to the terrorism charges. They pointed the accusation and said that one never intentionally killed innocent civilians such as Palestinian terrorist movements that have done on a large scale. Beginning held immediately after the Declaration of Israel’s independence on 14 May 1948 a radio speech in which he announced the lifting of IZL. He said: “The Irgun now leaving the underground. We, the Jews, now govern about a part of our homeland and in that part of the country is the law of the Jewish Government. The law is the law of the country, there is only one law. That is why an armed underground not me

Dutch research school book about Israel (1/2)

The Dutch study book History Workshop made last week for a current media reports in Israel and in Netherlands. In Israel there was a lot of criticism on a number of alleged false claims in the book. This eventually led to a telephone conversation between the Israeli Minister of education Naftali Bennet and the Dutch State Secretary Tom Davis. The Dutch Ambassador in Israel, Caspar veldkamp, told news agency REUTERS that he thinks “that something has gone wrong in the quality control in Publisher Noordhoff.” After careful examination of the texts in the book can not be different the conclusion that the title of the book is correct. The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict was significantly modified by the authors and in all cases show that the false claims about the Israeli role in the conflict. Dutch children are taught in this way anti-Israeli sentiments at a time when Israel related to anti-Semitism has increased alarmingly, also in Nederland.Na careful examination of the texts in the book can not be different the conclusion that the title of the book is correct. Below a number of passages with incorrect information and the refutation, but first something about the authors Thick Verkuil and Marcel van Riessen. Thick Verkuil is historian and works as an editor at NOS News. His site is Dutch politics and not the Middle East or the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Verkuil wrote a book (‘ from the street to the State ‘) about the history of green left; about the CDA and the peace movement. Marcel van Riessen is likewise historian. He does have earlier about the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict written in the Edition ‘ orientation on history ‘. Also in that book he gave an incorrect image of the Israeli history. As he wrote in that book that the Jewish State after its creation in war with the Palestinians and their Arab allies. The truth is that the Palestinians long before May 14, 1948 started a war against the Jews in Palestine. Arabic violence started after the immigration of Jews, and got the character of a real war at the time that the UN partition decision adopted on 29 november 1947 the so-called. That decision was by the Jewish leadership accepted and rejected by the Palestinians. In this first part of a diptych I give six examples of incorrect assertions in the book ‘ History Workshop ‘. 1. At the end of the 19th century a Jewish nationalism, Zionism. (page 106)
Zionism is as old as the Jewish diaspora. The authors write in the book that Jews every year during Easter the desire pronunciations: “next year in Jerusalem”. Zion is another name for Jerusalem or the country Israel. Jews in the diaspora pools nearly two thousand years before the return to Zion and many of them tried to return in that period to ‘ Zion ‘. Furthermore, the modern Zionist movement began not with Herzl in 1897, but in the middle of the 18th century when thousands of Jews emigrated to Palestine from 1740 in the expectation that the age of the Messiah had come. From 1808 came a next wave Jewish immigrants to Palestine. It was going to be followers of Rabbi Eliyahu the Gaon of Vilna, which usually is called ‘ ‘. Then came various other groups of religious Jews to Palestina.In in 1880 came the secular Hibat Zion movement at which began with the purchase of land and the demolition thereof. 2. The area came under British rule. The British allowed Jews on a large scale. Especially from nazi Germany came there a lot. (page 107)
The facts: In 1937 the British Government to curb the Jewish immigration to Palestine in 1936 after 66.472 immigrants arrived, most of them from nazi Germany. But already in 1929 gave the British Commission of inquiry Hope Simpson the opinion in order to put an end to the Jewish immigration to Palestine. The reason? There would be a shortage of land (something that was wrong). That was the official reason, but the advice came after most of the Jewish population in Hebron was killed by the Arabs. In 1939 the British decided, again a wave of Arab violence, to the immigration to bring back to an average of 15,000 per year. Thousands of Jews who wanted to flee from Germany were thereby in the fall. 3. At the beginning of d

In an Israeli mirror

Far too little sound the insights of Israeli Middle East experts in Brussels. That is instantly recognizable in the texts adopted by the European Parliament (EP) about the region. A distressing lack of knowledge is often a harrowing lack of realism. An embarrassing combination. In this situation, each Israeli mirror that me and my colleagues are told very welcome. That happened than happy too early may, precisely on our national liberation day. For the second time within months held Prof. Than Schueftan (University of Haifa) a probing reading in Parliament. This time he was in the company of some 30 Israeli students. In the European Parliament sound continuous harsh words about Israel, sharp condemnations of the Jewish State (incidentally a European taboo word). En passant is the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for an ‘ informal ‘ session to Brussels invited … Tell me who your friends are. In the mirror that Schueftan especially West Europeans, he points first of all on the pain that Israelis experienced by the growing alienation of Europe. For Israelis is that a big problem. Not only politically and economically, but also culturally. Because Jews have on prominent contribution to European culture. And Zionism is sometimes not thoroughly inspired by the national movements in Europe?! All in all, so posits Schueftan, the European nation State model for the State of Israel. In the meantime, Israelis feel themselves above all morally betrayed by the European elites in the relentless fight against their mortal enemies of Sunni and Shiite side, said Schueftan. I feel that at all. In the European Parliament sound continuous harsh words about Israel, sharp condemnations of the Jewish State (incidentally a European taboo word). En passant is the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for an ‘ informal ‘ session to Brussels invited … Tell me who your friends are. At the time I write this column (May 20), I’m just back from a discussion of a report on the crisis in the Middle East and North Africa. Of course the usual left-wing diatribe contra the “Israeli occupation ‘ and unctuous words toward Iran. Indeed, especially in the European circuit is plenty of betrayed the own, as high political principles. Nothing short of an immoral insult to common sense. Give me those bright Israeli mirror of Dan Schueftan. It must, as far as possible right-thinking Europeans look. Download the essay by professor Schueftan this article was written by Bas Belder, Member of the European Parliament for the CU-SGP-group, and appeared in the June issue of Israel Aktueel

Wheelchair holidays for Israeli teens

Deborah M-Laufer was at the end of the second world war the youngest Jewish prisoner who the notorious Ravensbrück concentration camp, about a hundred kilometres north of Berlin, had survived. At the liberation in 1945, she was only four years, unique. By Alan David

She wanted to do something with her life. Therefore organizes them in her hometown Amsterdam every other year an unforgettable holiday week for Israeli children with cancer. Last year were that 140 children with 60 escorts, including five specialist doctors, five psychologists and five nurses. So a whole company. Travel with wheelchair
You understand, also in Israel remains something not go unnoticed. Two years ago, Baruch Fishheimer of the Organization Gesher (Hebrew for ‘ bridge ‘) contact Deborah. Gesher organizes trips for people in a wheelchair and he asked Deborah for help. A few months later, Baruch and some older wheelchair users and their companions a wonderful week spent in Netherlands. Gesher has Deborah Meanwhile asked for help this year to prepare a new trip, also financially. “Baruch called me because I have so much experience with all those cancer patients and asked now if I want to help him with a five-day trip for young wheelchair users to Dutch amusement parks, attractions and the like.” You feel free
And what says Baruch itself? “In Israel, it is almost impossible for people in a wheelchair to a foreign trip, no company wants to take them. They say: We are not equipped for wheelchairs, so it’s not. Many friends of me want to appreciate a foreign trip, just not feel trapped. A part of the people and their families pay the travel itself, another part is paid from donations to the air travel, hotels, buses, meals and everything else to pay. I want to there is no money to earn and also have no people in Israel who get paid for it somewhere. ” Maybe the last trip
This year he wants to from 6 to 10 september come to our country with a group of Israelis with disabilities. “Such a restriction strikes me so terribly,” says Deborah. “I want to help them in all tonalities, especially the young who are going to come now. These are all teenagers, who have yet to start their lives. There are some young between for whom it might be their last trip is because they are very sick. They do not have cancer, but by all kinds of other diseases are almost at the end of their forces. ” Will you help? Make your contribution over on NL38 ABNA 0529 310 252 and please include: ‘ Gesher ‘ or donate online via the button below. Thank you very much.
The Shalomfonds is a fund from which we can support small projects in Israel once. Ten times a year, we present you the projects selected for support in our newspaper and on our website Israel News on this page. Would you support this projects? Deposit your gift on the Shalomfonds, IBAN: NL38 ABNA 0529 310 252 of Christians for Israel. Donate online
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